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Social Media Blast Off Course



Are you a bit confused about social media? Have you been dabbling in social media but haven’t quite figured out how turn your business contacts and relationships online into profits? If you’d like to build life long profitable relationships online, then keep reading. You’re about to receive all the information you need to transform your business using social media.

Over the years the marketing strategies that have always proven fruitful ultimately build strong relationships. Social media has leveled the playing field and exploded the opportunity for business owners like you to Transform Your Social Net Worth. The good news is, by stepping into social media now, you are at the forefront of this trend. However, to succeed you must know what to do and what not to do.

You’re in luck, I’ve put together the perfect way to get all your questions answered and empower you in a methodical step by step process that will allow you to build your brand and receive exposure to millions of prospects. And might I add…I’m offering the strategies I personally use with private clients that take advantage of the current trends, issues and strategies for growing their business using the most popular social networks.

No matter where you are you can now access vital marketing strategies, tools, and a network of supporters in a highly interactive 6 module program where you will discover:

  • How to engage on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube in a way that attracts profits
  • Simple steps to finding influential people on the social networks to collaborate with and grow your brand and reputation
  • Keys leverage all your social media connections and enhance your overall marketing system effectiveness

If you want to know exactly how you can turn the time you spend on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube into productive profitable time, Register Now!

Be a Part of the Social Media
Revolution and Grow
Your Business. Otherwise,
Get Left Behind.

Instead of wondering what will work on social media, would
you like to know exactly how to use your social
networking time to…

  • Grow your contacts and lists
  • Generate loads of interest and leads for your products and services
  • Turn those leads into customers and clients

Would you like to spend less time on Facebook and other similar communities yet have an active presence that brings you thousands of new leads?

Here are the six things you need to grow your
lists and convert your contacts to clients…

  • Set yourself up RIGHT so you filter out the social media noise and stand out
  • Get involved effectively in the conversation
  • Build Radical Strategic Visibility (coined by my mentor, Mari Smith)
  • Focus on building relationships on purpose
  • Automate your value with FREE tools and turnkey systems
  • Stay consistent and develop a community of automatic advocates

Discover Secrets to Social
Media Marketing

The Social Media Blast Off System is made up of 6 Modules that include more than 12 hours of digital training where you will be personally guided by Coach Laura to maximize your social media marketing efforts online.


Once you’ve got your accounts, it is mission critical that you know the right things to do and the things you MUST avoid doing. During this module you will discover:

  • The RIGHT sites for you to spend your time effort on.
  • Exactly how to translate your brand effectively into social media without turning off your potential customers.
  • How to optimize your social media accounts so that you are easily found by those searching for your products, services, and information.
  • Key elements of a compelling social media marketing strategy.
  • Where to grow your communities of targeted prospects.


With daily changes in functionality and guidelines that the social networks release, you need to be up to date on the current status and practices. During this module you will discover:

  • Three easy ways to filter out the noise on Facebook so you spend 20 minutes or less.
  • The tipping points for creating exponential growth on the networks.
  • How to connect your profile to your fan pages.
  • How to create professional looking fan pages quickly without spending big bucks.
  • Insider tools for getting massive visibility
  • Sixteen easy ways to drive traffic to your Facebook business page
  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes when setting up a fan page.
  • Map out a simple Facebook strategy to engage and attract your target market.


Many people have a LinkedIn profile but are missing out on the huge opportunity you have to position yourself as the obvious expert and receive requests for your products/service. During this module you will discover:

  • Twelve keys to creating your “power profile” that gets noticed on Google
  • LinkedIn do’s and don’ts that will save you tons time and get you looking like a regular pro in no time.
  • How to position yourself as an expert in your field on LinkedIn.
  • Twenty tactics to increasing your visilibility on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Ten creative ways to contribute to your friends, fans, followers, and contacts and become a hero to your market.
  • Actual case studies and examples of how other small businesses use social media creatively.


Whether you understand Twitter or not, by the end of this session you will understand how fun, fruitful, and easy it is to grow your business. During this module you will discover:

  • Why you must be on Twitter and how to be taken seriously.
  • How to filter out the noise so you spend less than 10 minutes/day building a powerful reputation on Twitter.
  • Eight strategies that will make your brand stand out and attract raving fans.
  • How to use two simple cost-effective time leverarging tools to manage your reputation and interaction on Twitter.
  • Simple steps to navigating Twitter and building strategic relationships.


In order to stand out on social media you must generate a buzz. With creative strategies and the right message you will generate the engagement that produces a ripple effect in broadening awareness about your brand. During this module you will discover:

  • Ten creative ways to contribute to your friends, fans, followers, and contacts and become a hero to your market.
  • Run successful Facebook contests from set up to prizes plus how to power promote them.
  • Top 5 contest applications to use.
  • How to use two simple cost-effective tools to manage your reputation and save you tons of time
  • Actual case studies and examples of how other small businesses use social media to engage and grow


YouTube videos are known to rank highly in Google searches. In fact, YouTube is evolving as a powerful search engine itself. If you want to kick up your brand popularity, you must develop an optimized presence on YouTube. Video marketing works best when integrated with your website or blog. During this module you will discover:

  • Vital elements of an optimized YouTube channel
  • Simple steps to increase the visibility of your video content.
  • Put it all together with a strategic time leveraging plan.
  • How to harness the value your Blogs.
  • Let the magic of your network WORK For You.

Plus You’re About To Receive

Engaging your networks is the key to your social media blast of. This guide gives you a simple and easy to use system to create massive engagement.

  • Learn our 20 minute social media engagement system for getting raving fans
  • Identify the most engaging activity to increase your popularity
  • Massively engage your audience with little known strategies



 Real life case studies of SMALL business owners who are using social media to build their brand and following. Learn how to engage in the new paradigm of communication. Discover the common mistakes business owners make and how to avoid them.


Google+ is the most important Social Network to be involved in for search engine optimization. After all it is owned by Google. If you get your business on Google Plus you exponentially increase your findability online.Coach Laura walks you through the essential elements of planning, setting up and optimizing your Google+ page.

During this course you will discover insider tips on HOW to use Google+ so you optimize your visibility and build your credibility within your target market online.

Includes video and step by step action guide!



Learn step by step from Coach Laura how to set up and optimize your Pinterest account and position yourself as an industry leader.

You will receive the book Pin Power… How To Boost Your Biz With Pinterest which is the complete workbook for this 3 hour course. During this program you will discover how to:

  • Turn Pinterest into a free SEO machine that gets targeted traffic
  • Save time with pinning strategies to promote your popularity
  • Structure you business blog to be “pinworthy”
  • Integrate your social networks with Pinterest
  • Conduct market research and get targeted followers
  • Run contests and create power pins
  • Share your boards so that others market you
  • Track you best traffic driving pins
  • Learn from other case studies as they improve their brand visibility.


Its Time

Finally, step by step advanced strategies
in this all-inclusive program…

  • Each module includes up to 2 hours of online training. You will see everything Coach Laura does on social media right on your screen. She will guide you through each part of the process. You will have your very own Action Guide for each module and will be able to do much of your social media work alongside the online training.
  • All modules are available 24-7.
  • Coach Laura will cover specific focus topics on the most important areas of social media on the top ranking social media sites. All training sessions are customized and you will receive real tactics to implement for your business based upon the goals you have set for your business. Coach Laura will show you how to authentically represent your brand on social media.
  • Coach Laura will give REAL business examples with actual clients and their businesses.
  • Action Guide provided for every module. If you want the best retention in a course, you must have it in writing. Coach Laura has provided you a step by step follow along work book for every session.
  • A template for both content planning and engagement actions is included as well.

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Social Media Marketing


Take Action Now &
Register and watch your
Social Media Blast Off
Big CheckYes, Coach Laura… Count me in. I want my social
media to Blast Off!


  • 6 modules containing 10 content-rich video tutorials
  • Over 12 hours of training
  • Coach Laura’s social media expertise
  • Answers to my burning social media questions
  • 24-7 access to all action guides and on screen training
  • The inside secrets to building my brand on social media
  • All the bonus materials

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Instant Access

I’ve made the investment of thousands of hours and dollars so you don’t have to. How much would it be worth it to you to have a steady stream of leads coming to you through social media? Social media is the primary source of all my new leads, speaking
engagement opportunities visibility with super influencers online. Are you ready to go from unknown to well-known in your industry? Get started with full access today to the entire Social Media Blast Off System.

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If you have any questions about the intensive or need a payment plan, feel free to call Coach Laura’s office directly at 619-293-3353 or contact us.

I look forward to helping you Transform Your Social Net Worth


Coach Laura


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