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For entrepreneurs ready to maximize their impact in the world using social media.

Finally! How To Easily Attract Qualified Leads On Social Media & Turn Them Into Clients

with Laura Rubinstein, Savvy Social Media Marketing Mentor
and Special Guest Expert, Jana Beeman

Keep reading to discover the proven secrets to attract your buyers on social media so you can work less, earn more and have the greatest impact.

Dear Friend,

Are you confused by social media? Do you feel you are wasting your time throwing marketing techniques out there to see what sticks? Are you frustrated because everyone has a different set of advice and nothing seems to work for you?

I used to think that going out day and night networking, making cold calls and pounding the pavement was the only way to attract new clients.

“The marketing playing field had been leveled for small businesses!”

Since social media provides a wonderful place to network, acquire clients and grow into a leading authority, you have an unprecedented opportunity when you develop your social media SAVVY.  

With the advent of such user friendly tools, it’s possible to be home more, have more family time and use creative and heart centered messages to form meaningful relationships with people online. 

Social media has allowed my business to skyrocket and catapulted me to thought leader status in my field. I regularly receive interview invitations, speaking engagement requests, and new clients. I want that for you too.

When You Embrace Social Media As An Essential Business Tool So Much Is Possible for YOU!

If I could wave a magic wand and instantly turn you into a Savvy Social Media Marketer, then what would your business look like?

Here are some of the possibilities that may resonate with you:

  • A continual flow of inquiries for your services, speaking, and expert advice.
  • Life long profitable relationships with potential and existing clients
  • More flexibility in your lifestyle and business operations that allows more time with your loved ones
  • Connections with leaders who regularly refer to you
  • Great joy and fulfillment knowing you’re making a deeper and greater impact with your gifts

Awesome Right? How To Know If Social Media Is Right For Your Business...

You have an unique opportunity to expand your business using social media, get the edge on your competition, and enhance the meaningful impact you are destined to make.

In fact, you’ve probably been seeking the answer to leap frog your business and life to the next level and are ready to make this year ROCK!

You’re in the right place if…

You are frustrated and overwhelmed with marketing your business
You don’t have a marketing plan that is working the way you want to grow your business
You don’t know where to start when it comes to marketing and positioning yourself as the go to person
You are confused about where to get the most leverage from time spent on social media-to expert
You’re nervous about your privacy on the social networks
Your online marketing results have been disappointing and you don’t know what you’re missing to turn things around
You don’t know what to do to build influence, leads, and brand recognition online

It’s easy to feel like you’re trapped when you’re so passionate about your work and yet you’re working so hard just to make ends meet.

If you’re unclear and stressed about how to access the millions of your potential clients online, you’re not alone.

How can you truly leverage your time on social media and create more profits?

It IS possible and easier than you may think with the right guidance and insight. If I can do it, YOU can too.

Just 7 years ago the market crash stressed and overwhelmed me with clients leaving. I was working with Financial Advisors helping them to bring in millions of dollars of assets under management.

Using relationship based marketing strategies many of these advisors were able to double and triple their business with their ideal clients. When the market crashed, fear set in and most went into crisis mode. Financial Advisors would be a niche I would have to leave for the time being.

At the same time, social media was reaching critical mass. Sites like LinkedIn and Facebook were hitting record numbers of users and time spent on their sites. I had to know how to master these networks and show clients how to leverage them.

“Early on I saw social media was the small business
marketing dream come true and started guiding people
to online marketing success”

It was then that I sought after the best mentors and leaders in social media marketing. My first mentor, Mari Smith, introduced me to a whole new possibility and dozens of thought leaders, small business owners, and conference planners who asked me to help with their social media marketing. I realized there was a tremendous need for social media marketing services and training.

I started coaching entrepreneurs through optimizing their social media accounts, creating content, and using strategies.

Our Savvy Social Media Marketing clients are celebrating HUGE successes from landing regular speaking engagements, exponentially growing their lists, and becoming known as the go-to experts in their field.

“It’s so exciting having an endless flow of clients and influential contacts –
knowing my programs are helping more people all over the world.
” – Coach Laura

Over the past 15 years of coaching and training thousands of entrepreneurs, I’ve created the most effective system to help you build your influence and turn your contacts into clients.

The strategies you’ll learn are the same we use in our business to increase revenue and build both a local and global clientele.

The people who START with our system, even in the very beginning, don’t waste time getting frustrated with marketing that doesn’t work. You’ll get started on the right track.

If you’re ready to expand your influence and build your business using the power of the social web, then I invite you to join…

savvy social media marketing

Here are the outcomes I intend for you to celebrate after completing the Savvy Social Media Success System...

You clearly understand how to engage your ideal clients who are already craving your services
You experience a renewed sense of energy and excitement because social media makes so much sense
You are confident about using social media as powerful business relationship building resource
You double or even triple your website traffic from the social networks easily
You have a clear blueprint to showcase your expertise, capture leads, and attract your ideal clients
Your social media presence is so irresistible, you automatically find yourself visiting and engaging

These results are totally possible for you!

TRUST in your vision to make a huge difference and choose to make it REAL. Your journey starts by getting professional guidance and support you need.

“We implemented one Facebook strategy Laura taught us
and tripled our tele-conference registration and earned thousands in sales “

– Shelley McQuerter, Homeopathy Mentor

“As a result of Coach Laura’s simple and creative strategies, I have attracted new clients and am connected to lots of prospects.”
– Elaine Garley, Animal Communicator

“I hit a wall with social media until I worked  with Coach Laura. This resulted in several new speaking engagements and new prospects.”
– Ronald A. Berk, PhD, Humor Professor

“I increased my Facebook likes by 41%, LinkedIn Connections by 68% and Twitter followers by 500%. I created new markets, new clients and new strategic partners simply by following Coach Laura’s advice from training.”
– Karen Kramer, Teen & Young Adult Life Coach

“In one week on Facebook I landed 3 new clients and booked a group cruise. I earned thousands thanks to Coach Laura’s training.”
– Walter Kuriger, Family Vacation Planning Specialist

“I received more traffic to my website from Pinterest in a couple of weeks than I got from Facebook and Twitter combined due to Laura’s expertise.”
– Rhoberta Shaler, PhD, The Relationship Help Doctor

Here Are The 4 Proven Stages You'll Learn In The Savvy Social Media Success System

Stage 1
Develop Your Compelling Brand On Social Media

Discover the 3 essential elements of your irresistible online brand identity

Know exactly what your market is craving that attracts them to your business

Get endorsements for your work from other leaders you admire

Learn key strategies increase your influence

Stage 2
Choose The Right Social Networks

Eliminate overwhelm and confusion by identifying the right networks

Save time by knowing where to be and where your market engages

Use the networks that will give you the greatest reward for your time

Position your brand on each network in a way that makes you visible, memorable, and findable

Stage 3
Get Set Up Right – Essential Optimization

Three easy ways to filter out the noise on Facebook so you spend 20 minutes or less.

Six simple tactics for driving more traffic to your website

The tipping points for creating exponential growth on the networks

Increase your SEO (findability on Google) with one social network

Create professional looking accounts quickly without spending big bucks

Discover insider tools for getting massive visibility

Stage 4 
Social Media Action Plan

Get easy to use templates that help you confidently create your marketing plan

Develop your high engagement content plan

Turn your contacts into clients so you have an endless flow

Discover simple automated systems to keep your audience well served while you help more clients

Here’s how to participate in the Savvy Social Media Success System

You get the entire Savvy Social Media Success System in 4 convenient online modules that you can access from anywhere, even from the comfort of your own living room couch.

It’s just like I’m next you training you personally on your computer the in’s and out’s of using social media. Plus, all lessons are available on your time schedule so you can go at your own pace.

The video classes and downloadable action guides are filled with resources and step you through a simple process. The templates I’ve included make it easy to put into action what your are learning. The training modules are available to dive into as soon as you enroll.

There’s no rush. You can do the whole course in a week, a month or a year depending on the pace that works best for you. In over 7 years of teaching this topic to 1,000’s of entrepreneurs, I’ve honed this system to be the easiest way to become a savvy marketer on social media and get qualified leads and paying customers from your efforts.

Special Bonus #1 ($17 value)
Social Media Myths Busted Book

BONUS 1 Digital copy of my bestselling book Social Media Myths BUSTED: The Small Business Guide To Online Revenue
If you have any blocks to social media, you’ll breakthrough the blind spots and learn the secrets that marketing experts use every day to build their business online.

Special Bonus #2 ($297 value)
Effortless Enrollments Course 

BONUS 2: Effortless Enrollments Course
Jana Beeman helps you turn your conversations into clients in this valuable audio course and workbooks. You’ll discover exactly how to overcome and anticipate objections and win clients easily.  (Value $297)

Special Bonus #3 ($47 value)
Livestream Mastery Checklist

BONUS 3: Google Hangouts On Air Broadcasting Checklist
Getting on Google Plus is important but creating a live web TV show offers a way to position yourself as a leader  (Value $47)

Special Bonus #4 ($99 value)
Social Media Best Practices To Boost Your Business

BONUS 4: Social Media Best Practices to Boost Your Business video training
Since there are so many approaches to social media, and different strategies are more effective for different types of businesses,  I’ve added several key tools and support  to help you apply the system to your personal and business style so you get the most value.

Peace Of Mind Guarantee

We realize you may have some feelings of skepticism. So we decided to put all the risk on us. If you complete the coursework and do not believe you got the value, we will refund your money and you may keep the course. You have 60 days to test drive this program risk free.


Am I ready for this program? What if I’m not clear on my business niche or perfect product yet?
Since being clear is essential, The Savvy Social Media Success System is specifically designed to help you get clear on your business. We walk you through the stages of brand development where you will learn how to create your magnetic product/service mix and define your profit market. Even if you are at the idea stage we will help you get clear on the exact steps you need to create a business that has your fans craving your content and raving about your products and services.

How do I get people to like my Facebook page and get more followers?
Social media success happens when your content is visible. The best way to get that exposure is to engage. Getting people to like your Facebook page has become an advertising process. Nonetheless, it’s the relationships you build with your market that builds your community of ideal clients.

The Savvy Social Media Success System gives you the essential training to craft magnetic content that engages your audience and attracts clients.

Plus another valuable client getting resource you get with this program is Web Sales Secrets bonus. You’ll learn the must-have elements to turn your website in a list-building money-making machine.

What if I am too busy?
The most important thing to remember is that The Savvy Social Media Success System is going to SAVE YOU TIME by giving your the quickest path to results. No more wasting time and money using social media ineffectively. It’s costing you way more in lost income potential to try and grow your business without this system. Plus, if you feel too busy, you need a way to start leveraging your business with the right marketing mix of products/services and magnetic content. In the very first module, you’ll love the easy to follow action guide that will focus your action on the most profitable market and mix of products and services.

What if I don’t like social media – it’s too noisy and is a waste of time?
Most people who don’t like social media love people and are passionate about their business and the difference they want to make in the world. Thus, they don’t like to waste time or get overwhelmed by the excessive social media posts that don’t add value to their lives. If you fit this description, then consider this. Social media is the BEST place to meet people who are craving what you offer. I give you full permission to ignore the streams of content that show on the home pages of your social networks. Instead, in Module 4 I will guide you through a 15-minute a day strategic engagement plan.

What if I don’t like the lack of privacy on social media?
That is a GREAT question. Using social media for business purposes means that you are keeping your private life off of social media. The things that are NOT private are the things you share out on social media. Stick to that rule and you never have to worry about privacy. In addition, each network has privacy settings to set up. In Module 3 we will review how to set your privacy to your liking as well.

Can’t I figure this out on my own?
Figuring out social media marketing is like trying to fix a car by looking at the engine. Without the engineering and mechanic school information, it would probably cause you a lot of frustration and disappointing results. You don’t need to go through that. Many clients have joined our program after years of trying to use social media without proper social media marketing training. Once they learn our system, they realize the misconceptions that were costing them. The approach I teach is totally customizable for your business. As you go through each step you create your perfect social media marketing action plan and a magnetic online presence. If time is of the essence and you want the mentoring process to position yourself as the leading authority in your field, we welcome you.

What if I’m not good with the computer? Will this work?
Join the club! If you can click a mouse, you’ve got the skills required. Most entrepreneurs don’t actually do the techy side online marketing. Mastering social media is all about making an emotional impact with your content and reaching out in real ways by understanding the psychology of attracting clients with your content, intention and consistency.

You need to know the basics of each social network you will use. In Module 4 you will receive a host of resources to get the right support and technology people for your online presence.

What will I get out of the Savvy Social Media Success System?
This course will help you build your targeted audience on social media so you can attract new clients to you. You’ll develop a professional presence on social media. This course is going to help you get clear on who your market is, what your profit products/programs are and how to attract them on social media. You’ll come way with a clear outline for your content that continues to engage and grow your positive reputation while you sleep. Doing these steps will hep you expand your business and finally clearly reveal your great work to your market and have them coming to you.

It's time to take action now! Your Potential clients are waiting for you...

Get ready to celebrate becoming a well-known and highly sought after expert.

Whether you’re starting a new business, or you’ve been wanting to grow using social media, this investment will come back to you many times over and will continue to pay off for years to come.

I’ve personally seen business owners waste more than $17,000 on advertising, radio shows, brochure design, public relations, press releases, and social media assistants who didn’t attract any new clients because their strategies were outdated and a turn off to their audience. Consider the clients you are loosing when you promote something because of connection-lacking marketing techniques. When you try to broadcast a message you are missing the mark on building your power tribe. How much money are you leaving on the table? You could be throwing away tens of thousands every time you try to promote your programs, products or services, simply because you didn’t invest a little energy into magnetic audience-centered content.

“Yes, Laura! I’m ready to get more clients,  make more money in less time with my own Savvy Social Media Success System!”

I know I will receive:
  • Access to the Savvy Social Media Success System 4 virtual training modules I can access whenever I want ($697 value)
  • BONUS: Digital copy of Social Media Myths BUSTED: The Small Business Guide To Online Revenue
  • BONUSLivestream Marketing Mastery GuideChecklist ($47 value)
  • BONUSSocial Media Best Practices to Boost Your Business video training ($99 value)
  • BONUSEffortless Enrollments Course with Jana Beeman ($397 value)
Total Value = $1,297
Your Investment  = $997 $497

If you want to make social media work for you, and achieve the results we have talked about, then there is one more action you have to take.

Click the button below and join us now.

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